Save the Barnacles

Design by Rockslide

Save the Barnacles by Rockslide on Threadless
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Holy SHIT this is good.



Cool .barnacle bill would love this

i was gonna paste a barnacle bill song but it was long and offensive.

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

The Rock holdin'it down for the barnacles!

mezo profile pic Alumni

That whale is a treasure of an illustration! I also like the throwback to the 80's sort of circular layout. Not sure I'd wear it...seems a touch too spot-illustration/cartoony...but it IS good.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

hee hee... a little trivia for you > Barnicles have the largest sex organ to body ratio in the world.. 60% of their bodies are made for humpin'!


Rockslide profile pic Artist

Why thank you Rock Deputy, I was not aware of that, haha. Thanks everyone for the nice start on this! I know its pretty cutesy for threadless, but with some of the recent prints I thought I could sneak a little cuteness in. Most of my professional work is for children's markets so I actually do happy stuff most of my day.

hogboy profile pic Alumni

Cute... Thank christ I didn't enter my "Whales Are The Cockroaches of The Sea" sub, people just don't seem to get whaling jokes.... anyway, good work as always.


I've always been a supporter of the Barnacle 5


The whale's really cute. :] $5


aww that guy is so cute I just want to go out and give the world a hug!


Lose the text...the whale itself is a $5!!

Rockslide profile pic Artist

haha. Speechless, that was the whole point, that it be a whale instead of a barnacle. You see the whale and "save the-" and expect it to be save the whales, but its not, its save the barnacles. It would really destroy the whole concept to be a cartoon barnacle.


ahahaha i love this~!


This is really cute!!! IT would make a great submission even if there wasn't a joy of text contest! nice job!


I made a "Save the Plankton" logo once. It was for a club created in support of unicellular (and similar) organisms.


Erhm, anyway--I like it.


haha, love the expression on the Whale's face!

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