Savanna Queen

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And so she began walking with this little lion she found in the horizontal depths of the Savanna, so wild, so rude, so hostile. But the lion grew, and he began protecting her, against anything that could harm her beauty, her roughness too. It is said that on the hottest summer days you can see them wandering around, with an astonishing calm but with a brutal force within.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

oh my. it just keeps rolling. $5

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Wow. $5

jzef profile pic Alumni

super ! $5

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i hate hate hate baby blue tshirts. i really wish this was oon something else like purple or would bring out all the colours much more.

i love the design so much though

ladrones profile pic Alumni

dude awesome!

andyg profile pic Alumni

Excellent illustration!

dacat profile pic Alumni

Amazing linework and concept! $5


like the concept. not crazy about the detail - i'd like to see more line width, but what really bothers me is the color choice. Try it monochromatic.

loglow profile pic Alumni

Don't like the colors, but WOW awesome design and placement.

courtney pie

wait wait wait.

where did this come from?! it's so fantastic. crap score though.

rework it and sub again!!!

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