Saturday Night Jungle Fever

Design by herky

Saturday Night Jungle Fever by herky on Threadless
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Wow, I just don't know how to score this. I can't fault the execution, but on the other hand if I never see it again I'll be very happy.


It's nice but I think it has 5 colours: Black, white, red, orange and yellow

mezo profile pic Alumni

I agree 100& with metamic.


the lion is hilarious

nice design, herky


Or it would be 4 colors if the shirt is whiiiiiiiite.

herky profile pic Artist

many thanks to everyone for your votes and valuable comments


umm, since when to bears (native to temperate forests) and lions (savanna-dwellers) live in the jungle anyway?

it's a nice enough design (despite the misleading title) . . . but i personally would never want to see it on a shirt.

olie! profile pic Alumni

sexy sexy, maybe a little too happenin' for me though. . . $3

big tone

this seems totally at odds with your usual submissions & drawing style (which i like).
what happened?

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