Satisfied Ghost

Design by esskayeesee

Satisfied Ghost by esskayeesee on Threadless
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He lived a rich, full life.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

simple and simply awesome

esskayeesee profile pic Artist

Amen fredsicle, bet this ghost thinks he's lookin' real smart too. Not too worry, got a feeling this design won't be around much longer. Shame, it's probably the only design of my own I'd actually wear.


he's cute!

what if you were to alter it so that the hat and cane were on a coat stand in daylight, and have the character pop out in this kind of pose in glo-ink? just a thought.


I sort of feel like with where his mustache and mouth are located that the eyepatch should be on the other side of his good eye; it could just be me, though. I think this is really cute!


I have to agree with Bc... though other than that, this guy is eminently adorable. Least, I'd wear 'im if he was fixed up.


cool ghost !

esskayeesee profile pic Artist

Could probably do some glow thing, but it's not really for me, all i really wanted was a solid-white something on black, content was kinda secondary. And the eyes I messed around with heaps, didn't look like he was whistling the other way, just saying 'o'.

esskayeesee profile pic Artist

Suitably scored! Now go away, mediocre design.

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