Samurai Squirrel

Design by jrmasm

Samurai Squirrel by jrmasm on Threadless
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cbuchholz profile pic Alumni

You'd have to be nuts to mess with a squirrels nuts. Nice job! 5$

K8theGRR8 five


Oh my gods, I must have this. It's like, being a Samurai isn't cool enough on its own, good lords no, one must also be a squirrel to achieve true, complete, ultimate awesome. Dollar sign five.


damn, i had a samurai squirrel in my sketchbook since 1998. I didn't think anyone would come up with the same idea. Great t-shirt anyhow.


i knew those bastards were dangerous


It looks like that rat from ninja turtles. =/


The blade could be better, but I love it regardless!


with samurai as ancestors, there are three things that make me say i wouldn't wear it: 1. samurai had different blades than that, much longer ... 2. the grip on the blade is reversed, the right hand should go at the top... 3. the weird pants he's wearing. check out 'hakama'.

otherwise, i love squirrels, and samurai, and would totally give it a $5

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Thanks for the info goodensnake. Much appreciated. I learned something new today.


$5 because I love squirrels and this looks great!

Alex M. Solefish

Oh, my God, this is incredible, I really would like this shirt.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

what!?!? A squirrel sub that isnt about the gigantic nuts he possesses (hint- they ain't usually talkin' bout the acorns in his tree)? I musta died on gone to swashbuckling heaven. Great drawing and incorporation of a HERO style of arrow opposition to the samarai squirrel. And just to tell ya even though i think yours is better and it has been sold out for a long time now, there was already a threadless shirt showing the ninja-like quality of the squirrel printed a while back:

Hope yours does well!


Hah, this looks like something from Redwall.


It reminds me of Redwall. That's good.


You do know this idea was created by someone else and that they produced a comic book in the late 80's called Samurai Squirrel. I have the limited edition comic book right here...tsk tsk tsk
The idea has been done before, so you get no score!

jrmasm profile pic Artist

Thanks for the comics history Bird. I should have checked all of the obscure 25 year references before I submitted. My bad.


it actually looks more like ninja.


Too bad about the blade. It just doesn't look right. Too fat, short and scimitar-like. Other than that it's pretty damn cool.

Yes, I know I'm a stickler.

I'll give you a 4, because it's still a cool design.


I agree with Kidaro, it's fun. The blade proportions are wrong. Furthermore, the shaft is much too long. It should be about 40 % shorter, according to, it should be about 27,3 cm or 10,75''.

After all, I presume you want the squirrel's handsize to be to the katana as a human hand would be.


oh please oh please i want this shirt...

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