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pd23 profile pic Artist

I haven't seen any unusual logo on a Polo Shirt in my life. Something more edgy, bizarre or freaky.

Here is my proposal


haha weirdo..........love it!


let's go for tennis!!!!!

Matthew Watters

Haa! That's great! I'd buy this just as a conversation starter!

pd23 profile pic Artist

I have seen tones of skulls/ zombies / vampires etc on Tshirts to the point that do not catch my eyes so much anymore. This little s**t on a polo shirt can go the conversation very far. Thanks Matt!


Zip it!!

pd23 profile pic Artist

haha yes dude!!!! That's an ace name instead of S&M Mask.......


so classy!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Joey Lane

hahahahahahahahahahah. love it!


a polo shirt I can adapt to... I want to order 1 everytime I make violent sexual acts


pd23 profile pic Artist

hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa noway!!!!!!! you are so kind with the women


that is what I say to the women to get them in bed, that I am kind... once they are in bed I make them put on the mask and the fun begins


funny stuff!


different.........wild beauty

pd23 profile pic Artist

Thanks franz. It is obvious that design community is not very impressed with this submission but the main idea here is to provide something that market worldwide do not have. It could be a skull or a zombie head, a panda, a unicorn or something else, but again I choose the S&M mask since is the last thing people expect to see on a polo shirt. In real world if you see a polo shirt with a S&M mask first thing is to find out who sells them!


Greta idea, very unusual for a polo! I think that's what makes it work! :D $5

pd23 profile pic Artist

Thanks guys!!!! The super funny thing with S&M mask, is that most of my friends do not feel very comfortable to leave a message on this design. They do not even like it on facebook....hahahaha. Guess that great investments are made by very brave people!!!!!!!!!!!!

Panda Ink

you freaky little pd23!! this design... is EPIC. $5


creative thought!


nice! def... a 5. please vote on my daughters designs many thanks!


hahaha voting ended i guess i should check that first next time

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