Sally Finds a Stray

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Sally Finds a Stray



Really cute-- a rare shirt where the words actually make it perfect. I'd like it on a light blue, maybe. $5


Love it.. very cute. the boyfriend makes jokes about me wanting every kind of animal as a pet! So.. I'd buy two! ;)


Oh.. actually think it could be even better without the mother.
Just a thought!


Perfect the way it is, but yeah, just a little bit higher on the shirt. And the lighter colours do work better - probably best in light blue. 5$


I freakin' love it! I'd definatley buy it!


Fabulous. I'd like it a tiny bit higher, but I'd buy it as is.


I like this so much!!! and i agree the text is perfect as it is aswell. 5&££


yes, this is great I would definitly buy it!


ok - the text would be better if it was raised to or above her head - and i'd like it without the bubble around it.

mom's stance is a little funky - but i could live with that.

Homeschool Winner has the winning comment:

you need the girl alone in front of her dad (A: in a recliner, reading the paper, with a pipe, or B: standing in a suit and fedora with briefcase) and the text "go ask your mother" on the back - that would be perfection.


it's great...but in my opinion i think it would be better if it was the little girl asking the father


Reminds me of Where the Wild Things Are :) Raise the image a bit and I'll buy it. $5


I like it, but as always - if you want my two cents - text isn't the best. Perhaps if the girl was clasping her hands in front of her and bending her legs a bit in the "please" position?

Then I'd buy. For now, you just get a big fat 5.


Would make a very tidy kids tee as well.

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