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Sale Now On… and on and on by steven218 on Threadless
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steven218 profile pic Artist

This is inspired by the countless sales on at this time of year and is my first entry in Staffell's Joy of Text II blog competition.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

it took me a few seconds to realize it's a $5, but this is excactly the kind of shirt i'd buy.


free fonts are cool... but i dunno... whether i would buy it, that is...


i've looked at this so long that the word is weird. SALE!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Cool idea, but I think some smaller "sticker price" sale fonts could be placed among the bigger ones, and the sale fonts need to completely strangle the entire front of the shirt, if not the back as well. IF this is done, a 4$ will be in your future.


nice job! Thom Yorke sed to sport a red shirt with 3 white 'sale' signs on. $5


looks cool! :D


It makes me think that if I wore this people would think that I personally am on sale...

Luke... profile pic Alumni

it's on sale!, buy it!...we dont need it. so what, IT'S ON SALE

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