Sad happy meal

Design by gonzalezstalin

Sad happy meal by gonzalezstalin on Threadless
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The Ending

the animals dont look like they are falling, just clip art which looks really poor compared to the awesome factory you made. Make the animals more animated like they are falling and you have a 5 from me. :-D


The bag needs something more to its face. And the splatter shadow seems too far in the background. I would like to see a stream of goop or food items coming out of the machine into the bag.


$5, impressive!


One of the better Fast Food Nation entrys for sure.


I like this one-- though I think the objections people have had with the animals is the style seems inconsistent with the rest of the design. If they were a bit more dynamic, even minimal shading with the lighter gray I think the whole thing would be great. Still, excellent design.


waddya talking about? happy meals make me happy :D


jimmytan profile pic Alumni

nice color nice illus


I agree that the splatter on the ground should be further down, so it's centred around the bag. Otherwise very good!


Cute. Agree that the bag needs to be more obviously a "happy meal", i.e. someone can look at it without the title and get it. I have no idea how to do it though.

gonzalezstalin profile pic Artist

I think it's ok the way it is (the bag) agreed with animal orientation, but to be honest this is great idea!!!! i give myself $5!!!!

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