sad cake

Design by gemmabear

sad cake by gemmabear on Threadless
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awwww, who couldn't like this...


Y'know, this was bound to happen. As threadless gains in popularity, and increases the prize booty, the submissions levels increase, and the number of truly awful submissions increases.

This shirt is just plain fugly. If a kid wearing a corrective helmet made this for herself in art class with the other headgear-equipped kids, it'd be just fine. But, compared against the quality of past shirts from threadless, this is just plain bad...

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"Designers" - Not everyone wants immaculately vectored, multi-layered, oh-so-cool-and-derrivative designs that you find in "Computer Arts" and other such magazines. Some people want this kind of stuff. And they want it on T-Shirts, because it looks boss.

Gemma - I fucking love all your designs. Make more. MORE!


LOVE it.
i checked out all of your designs. as someone commented on another, they're "innocent and funny" -- equals... GAH. cuteness overload.
in the best possible way, of course.
i hope that you're printed and soon


Okay, I love this. Cupcakes are the best thing, bcs they are like tiny cakes, and what is better than portable cake!
I personally am never sad when I eat cupcakes, but that may be a reason for cupcakes to be sad around me. I am SO sad that this isn't printed. I normally don't fall in love with shirts at first sight, but this one did it for me. :^}

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