Russian Cans

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Russian Cans by Crusts on Threadless
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Do you mean the nesting dolls? Is anyone going to relate those to this tshirt?


I think that you would need to include a few more inside of each other, or illustrate that point better. I didn't understand why they were Russian until I read that they were doll cans. Great job though.


yeh same I just saw spray cans chopped in half, until I read the explanation. Then I thought 'oh, clever!', so just rework the illi a bit and you've got a winner.


the illustration rocks,
but the concept is hard to understand.
They seem just broken cans.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think the idea is really great and the yellow on blue quite striking, but like others have stated, it doesn't make sense as nesting dolls unless i see the explanations. Maybe if you had the spray cans as different colors in their sizes and had the smallest ones out in front, or more organized in lines like nesting dolls are. Maybe have nesting doll logos on the cans as well, but in a graffitti street kinda style? Good idea, keep working on it!

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