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mj00 profile pic Alumni

This seriously cracked me up- if he's late for work one more time, he's going to be extinct! That said, I feel like this might be stronger if there was more happening on the shirt (this image appeals to me because it makes me visualize this whole story of the pteridactyl's life, not sure if others who are less ADD would make that leap).


not many make me literally laugh out loud. i've scored a LOT of t-shirts today, and this is only the second one to get a real laugh from me. i love this! :) i can't decide on a color...but i'm always partial to blue. so i vote blue.


Business Class?

jillustration profile pic Artist

prolly the color of the shirt, though i could leave him brown. i kind of prefer him blending in as such. i like the color he's on, but people love options :)

more heat than light

Great idea. I like it how it is, and it gets a 4 from me.

mikey0145 profile pic Alumni

beautiful, 5 $


Love it! Reminds me of watching the flintstones.

I'm glad i'm not the only one who peed my pants laughing, or am I? Nevermind.

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