Rupees & Slingshots & Bombs, Oh My!

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Rupees & Slingshots & Bombs, Oh My! by Silent-T on Threadless
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A pattern created with images from The Legend of Zelda game series. A gold triforce sits on the shirt like a badge, and the rest of the pattern is belt printed all over. It's only slightly darker than the colour of the shirt so it's subtle; it's clear there is a pattern from far away, then the symbols become clearer as you get closer, and tie in with the obvious triforce for the game reference.

I love Zelda, and I'm sure there's a ton of other fans out there too!


Nice work silent-t. :) 5

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Gustavo G

really nice work, i would move the colored one to the left arm.


Shut up and take my money!!! $5


Love it. I'm a sucker for anything Zelda. Let me buy it.

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