Runaway Zebra

Design by Brat Worst

Runaway Zebra by Brat Worst on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Its cool but I think Threadless won't be printing another pocket design anytime soon.

aled profile pic Alumni

Nice design. Is that a wet t-shirt? Do Threadless sell wet t-shirts?

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

being lame enough to use a wet t-shirt contest pic as a display pic... gee, I wonder what kind of low score to give this.


Make the zebra look like it's running and it would be wicked.


isn't there a pen company called zebra pen? any relation?

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

awesome idea!


cool idea... something is awkward about it though...


Hello, and welcome to Threadless where you designs will be critiqued by the general tee shirt buying public. Some of it will be constructive some of it will not. Some of it will be nice and some of it wont. Thems the breaks kid!


You need to make the zebra look less like a stencil.. Maybe if the legs were melting downwards or something instead of being perfectly formed.


one second thoughts,it's ok but i wouldn't really buy it.but it's a good idea.needs a bit of work i think though :)


Wet t-shirt contest?


but if it's red all over from the sun-burn... the white's gone...


I love the idea, but it just didn't come out as anything I would actually buy.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I like the concept, but the two main entities of this shirt (the pen and zebra) just don't look like they gel together, sort of like the zebra was slapped on instead of naturally flowing out of the ink stain. My suggestion would be to make the zebra look rougher, like the ink is just spilling around and just happened to make the design. And am i the only who doesn't give two shits how a shirt is presented and just grade the design, with the possible exception of someone putting their shirt on a picture of my mother being smacked in the face with dead fish. Wait a minute, that IS my mother in this photo!

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I will from now on be submitting all designs with a sample placed on the chest of a 40 something year old man, who is moderately overweight and has possibly spilt something down the front of the shirt

Witty remark. Right on, brother!

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