Run and Hide

Design by briancook

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briancook profile pic Artist

Here is my Hot Chip design! The idea would be that the ink of the stripes in the back match the glow ink on the felons so they are revealed in the dark. I don't know if my glow ink color is spot on, but as long as the ink color matches it, the illusion should work. 3 inks all together. Let me know what you think!

A special thanks to Amaliaslash, Danrule & Mildish for helping me out with the actionscript!

reneehartig profile pic Alumni

What, how would a spotlight work it would show during the day too? Glow in the dark ink isn't magic folks :) Great job though Chengui! $5


I disagree about the spotlight. I like that it the felons only show up at night. Plus I think it is cool that during the day the design looks like stripes until you get closer. Keep it exactly how it is.


briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks Steve. It only took me forever to figure out how to do it. It's my first attempt at a .swf sub.

In regards to a spotlight, I guess I wanted the illusion to be them being invisible/hidden during the day and then appear at night because that's when they would probably come out of hiding if they were on the run. Thanks for all the comments so far. Keep 'em coming.


i like the lightbulb...................

briancook profile pic Artist

Well, Chris (aka "shitbrick") Some people in this community actually constructively critique shirts (like real adults) instead of disrespecting each other (like a 7th grader). If you can't handle people having their own opinions, maybe you should come back when you can.


the wanted poster is not needed

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks, heartshapedjade! It seems like there has been some uncalled for rudeness around here as of late.


Great idea!
Very smart. I'd seriously buy this


..........this is so frickin' cool


the sound rocks!!!

the design looks fun... good for kids too

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks everybody! Seems like I'm getting some fans of this design late in the game. I appreciate the kind words.

briancook profile pic Artist

Thanks happy18 - I always thought it was a tad underscored myself. Of course there were a bajillion glow ink shirts up for scoring, so maybe that had something to do with it.

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