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Finally, a shirt you can really use -- measurements in inches and centimeters.

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it is to scale, of course. :)

and i made the rulers vertical because, if horizontal, they would wrap around the chest too much, making them stretch, and therefore, useless.


So, this way we can easily tell when men overexaggerate some things, eh?


It needs holes on top, and maybe some hooks so the rulers look like they are hanging up.


I like this one, but breasts will make it useless for actual measuring. Damn them.

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thanks for the comments, all! i didn't make the two rulers line up because 12 inches are not quite equal to 30 centimeters. so instead of it being slightly off at the bottom/top, i skated them farther apart, so as not to emphasize their slight differences in measurement.


I will buy this and put a notch at wear i measure up. I think you've really got something here lashford

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