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Ruff Sketch by kevindujour on Threadless
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Ow! The puns! They hurt my brain!
Very funny, though.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

It would be nice to have seen the interior of the dog in another color to help him stand out a bit more. This is very cool. I do also think I would have liked it better with the sketch not including the nipples so I could wear it to work.

Luke... profile pic Alumni
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funny, made me laugh


this made me laugh. I suggest you give her a bikini top, or move the artists hand to stratigically cover, oh wait, it already is covering something. I think removing the nipples would just look silly. As is: it is very good, and does not need more detail on the real lady. I could wear this anywhere except work. afterall it is just a small sketchy drawing. Also while I'm staring at this I notice that his foot is like as big as his head! anyway, good job.


i wont wear shirts with tits on em, but nice concept

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