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Ste7en profile pic Artist

Behold the humble origins of the internet. Everything is connected.

This is only the second time ive ever used flash to create the preview, because I felt zooming was necessary, but as such, the file isnt quite perfectly optimized, some of the edges got a little wonky, the full illustrator files is much more crisp and clean. Hope you enjoy.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice work, reminds me of those ACME Wyllie E. Coyote blueprints to catch the roadrunner.


Really good. I kinda wish it said "flamed" instead of "burned" though. More internety. And I wish you had worked in "a series of tubes" somehow.

But it's awesome.


Very Nice!
This is the first Gmail sub that I've actually liked.


Hmmm... great idea, best so far, agreed. And nicely drawn. But as I look closer and follow the path I'm very disappointed. The beauty of crazy domino style set-ups like this is when they work. Ok, I know it's not real, but good thing too because the laws of physics seem to have absconded altogether. How does one push a string(!) to release a weight that is already being pulled in the desired direction by gravity to throw a cat that was apparently outweighing it to roll a marble that can reverse its direction and tip a bowling ball 100 times its weight to... to... etc. Not to mention that the candle will do its part regardless. Cleverness of this kind needs thinking through. I'd love to see if this could work, and perhaps win.


Wow @ what b-boy said! I really liked it until reading that. It's still great, I can't zoom enough to see how well things connect but I agree that this is the best so far.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The lolcat might mess up the dominos.

Edword profile pic Alumni

yes! A.GORE........... hahahaha!!!



FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I just wish the main part of the joke that brings it all together, the internet A Gore part, was a bit more highlighted to draw the eye into it first before taking it on a scientific journey through our world's greatest use of information exchange. A solid 3 tho.


this idea is just perfect!



Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I just wonder if that toast-making Rube Goldberg machine that someone else got printed will prevent this one from ultimately being considered by Threadless staff. Clever idea though.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

Actually, my concern is that it appears that the wheel is moving of it's own volition, so it's used to propel the marble upwards whereas the marble should be the force propelling the wheel. And the issue with the string would be made easier if you got rid of the string and placed an object on the end of that first springboard, the hammer would propel it up and over and it would land on the lolcat's springboard.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is so good! SO SO GOOD!

Ste7en profile pic Artist

Thanks everyone. I'd like to addess a few of the plausibility concerns:

I felt it only necessary to create the immediate illusion that it would work, for the joke to succeed. Obviously the cat would not do a perfect backflip onto a single domino, nor would it rest on a platform for a while, waiting to get tossed off. Some parts mentioned actually might work, however, its just hard to convey the proper weight and force of different objects interacting in a blue print style format.

Thanks, though, im glad people took the time to look through it all, and I really appreciate the feedback.


fun but been done before. $3



reminds me of that one game, The Incredible Machine

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I don't think you'd have to stay still, it just looks cool none-the-less. The A. Gore signature at the bottom makes this priceless. Excellent work.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Don't worry, your Pure Imagination part ii will surely kick ass.

catdogpigduck profile pic Alumni

beautimus! Wiley E Coyote super genius!


wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is fun I enjoy teh random bits in it

d3d profile pic Alumni

i was thinking the same thing about jay and silent bob. i've wanted to do a blueprint design like that for ages, except with a casino robbery or something.
oddly this looks better on the shirt than it does on its own. nice job.


the copyright alone merits a 5

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

reality-chaser: scientific absurdity would work if it was blatantly obvious. This looks like a legitimate attempt with technical errors, rather than a deliberate attempt to portray impossible physics.


Ste7en on Jul 20 '07
I felt it only necessary to create the immediate illusion that it would work, for the joke to succeed.

I agree with this wholeheartedly. If the average Joe on the street sees this, the joke will come across. Only someone who really wants a smack will get all in your face trying to decipher the whole process.

Way to stand up for your design, Ste7en...


I don't understand how the marble in the middle gets over the wheel thing scratches head


OK... all of the things on this ARE physically possible.... make sure you know how to read a blueprint. You are not pushing the string.... the hammer hits the other side of the see-saw and releases the tension. The cat is outweighed if you allow for gravity, and the marble doesnt tip the ball... it moves the clip wedged under it. The string is slackened below the level of the flame until the force of the ball jerks up on the string. Critique like that needs thinking through.

Ste7en profile pic Artist

well thanks for all the in depth feedback, everyone, im curious to see how this scores later today

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