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Did you know in their most evolved forms, rock can crush you whole with its meteor fireball move, and paper grows to one hundred times its original thickness and can slice your head off with a single papercut swipe?

Thomas Orrow and Frickinawesome did, and they have those pocket monster and more in their Dex to prove it!


eternal game!!!!!


Awesome! I was waiting for a rock, paper, scissors design to pop up in the GAP challenge... from the comments I've seen you leave on those subs, I can understand why you didn't sub this in that challenge. haha.

Anyway, the graphic style of this is suited more here than on Gap. imo. :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Artist

I choose YOU guys to say thanks for the couple comments so far :)

haha@Manz76, have i been THAT hard on the Gap challenge? I just don't think they make the most creative pasrtners for Threadless to bring their tees to a much bigger casual audience, but who the hell am I and it doesn't matter what i think so I'll just get used to it since I love it here too much :)


My cheekiness came out when commenting :) You've actually been honest as always with your critiques.

I think the partnership will mean GAP will end up with very creative work in a style they like. There have been some very clever/creative entries so far that have taken into account the "vibe" and look of what's been printed already. I imagine that's partly why they chose to do a run of tees before opening the challenge. But, enough of that... no need to hijack your sub for a gap discussion. haha.

P.S. I do think this sub is awesome!! :)

Thomas Orrow
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Fantastic! $5 :)

PS A big THANK YOU to Frickinawesome who really worked so hard to create his awesome vision with me.

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Nice one, guys.


Awesome!! 5$


This would be an amazing print, not just because it taps straight into my childhood nostalgia



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Thanks all who find this nostalgic yet somewhat original.

Like Thom Orrow said, boo to those who voted zeroes for miles to bring the score oh so low...oh well, I still had the time of my LIFEEEEE making this with TO :)


Awesome! $5




Awesomely awesome stuff!

titus toledo

@frickinawesome: "boo to those who voted zeroes for miles to bring the score oh so low..."

hope this rockin' $5 helps. it deserves every bit of it, bro: hi ho!

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Ha! As I thought, this concept is EXACTLY what I was trying to do a few weeks ago.

But my inner nerd halted progress when I discovered that Rock type is weak to both Steel type and Grass (Paper?) type-- meaning that Rock could never, ever win in any proposed battles.

That insignificant detail derailed my courage to finish the design. It does not, however, rob this design of its awesomeness.

I would proudly wear this on my chest.


The Romulans

Great. Concept gets a 4 from me. Great description lol.



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