Royal Rock 2

Design by Ashes

Royal Rock 2 by Ashes on Threadless
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Hahaha this is awesome. 5.


but your original submission was a success! I gotta say that I'm surprised you took another stab at this one.

I do fancy this one a bit more, though. :)


This is so cool! I agree with the other guy about the placement, you could move them a little closer to each other and it would totally rock...err...I mean it would rock even more then ;)


I already bought this shirt at a London giftstore

Ashes profile pic Artist

tyz: Maybe, but last time I was in a rush to submit it because I wanted to enter the $2005 for 2005 contest, so I didn't have time to make it exactly the way I wanted it. However now I'm satisfied, so this will be the last time I submit this design :)

xcbearx: Really? Care to post a link to a picture of this t-shirt? If I'm going to be accused of plagiarism I'd like to see some evidence...


it's awesome. reminds me of that one target commercial. <333 will buy


I love it.

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