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Round one... by jalidd on Threadless
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kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Somehow I find this very funny and I'd wear it proudly!


I'd like to see the whole body, rather than have their legs cut off.


love their expressions


I don't get this one...

jalidd profile pic Artist

I really have no idea how i came up with this, but after i finished it, i saw that its somehow nature against smoke, in costumes...

but you can interpret this as you like :)


oh ok.. but it needs more colours to bring it alive..


Oh, I thought the bear was in reference to Smokey the bear, but I guess it's not...

jalidd profile pic Artist

you can look at it that way, it's up to you really...


i REALLY want a shirt with that bear, only the bear, looking at me (at the one who is looking at the shirt, if you know what i mean..). i just love the expression on his face. can you make me one? but please make some legs for him.. poor bear..

R_G profile pic Alumni

GET RID OF THAT STUPID CIGAR!!! I love the bear illustration, resub please!!!


Don't get it. I'd like to see more colour, the bear blends in too much.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

I like it.


ginabina, did you mean Smokey and the Bandit? There's Smokey the Bear and that TV show BJ and the Bear also. I think jalidd is letting us interpret this design however we want, so I interpret this design as a visual representation of the two different responses available to those whose eyelids just disappeared for whatever reason. Notice that the teddy bear has no eyelids, and whoever has seen a cigarette with eyelids (excluding the Doonesbury cartoon) -- no one! So if you wake up one day and you discover that your eyelids just disappeared, then be glad you came to Threadless and found out your options are to just blankly stare out into space (teddy) or walk around staring intensely into other people's faces (Mr. Cigarette) :D


i agree with juhu. i want a shirt with just the bear on it (with legs) i would love it sooooooooo much!


you know, that cigarette should get more sleep. he's got circles under his eyes.

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