Room of Noises

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Brown, no contest. Me likey!


The image didn't cause me to think of an ear
until I read other people's comments.

So for me ( and maybe others ), please tweak the
image so it looks more like an ear.


clever. i still don't know what an eisley is, but for theme title, you get an A+


it is a shame that i am not an eisley fan.
i don't think you need to change or tweak anything unless it was to remove their name from the shirt. i think any alteration may lean to over obvious. it says auditory canal, it has to be an ear.
i like that the ear drum is a door.
ok, i'm a dork, i'm all about that brown one!


Maybe it'd be too obvious, but I would really like to see this with real blueprint colours. Either dark blue lines on white, or white and light blue lines on dark blue shirt.
But then again, I'm an architect, so that aesthetic appeals to me.

driv profile pic Artist

wow....good suggestion man. And thanks for all comments to my design. I've try to make it more looks like an ear before...but the shape seem unbalance for me, so i've change it to more graphical shape. ^^


Yeah, looks like a footprint to me. I thought it was an architectural drawing of a sneaker at first glance. But the idea is awesome if you can figure out how to balance concept v. streamlining.


I really like your idea, but... well... the auditory canal is on the other side of the ear. Call me a dork, but the labels on the bottom are just wrong: the ear-shaped thing you've drawn is just the external ear, and the auditory canal should lead into the middle/inner ear (which isn't pictured in your drawing).

You may have done your autocad teacher proud, but my anatomy teacher would kill me if he saw this!


That said, I agree that this is one of the best designs in the contest. If the graphic is supposed to resemble the visible part of your ear, though, it's just wildly inaccurate. :)

driv profile pic Artist

hahahaha, thanks a lot sauterelle...i will correct it.^^

Perudoesitbetterthanu profile pic Alumni

this is awesome, great idea. love the brown. why didnt i see this sooner?? 5$

driv profile pic Artist

wow, why it's just same with mine? is it coincident?

driv profile pic Artist

francine dee...please check with the date i submit my work.

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