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I like the size it is, i would find it a bit more appealing if the highlights on the car weren't so scattered.

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Love the concept! The brain looks tres cool.


concept... x
redesign... doesn't need to say Motel.. or if it does... name the Motel some kinda pun on "brain" or "mind"
ALSO - please people.,
stop establishing the background with unrelated circles and ovals...
no ovals or circles... unless you have 2 or 3 GOOD argueable solid reasons for them to be there...
no logos in ovals either... UG


any element of design needs to be used for a reason.
it may be true that 50s pop culture utilized simple forms in construction and in graphic design, and yes they were successful. But why were they successful for that period?
The answer to that question will reveal the reasoning behind the design of 50s American pop culture... But it will not provide reasons for this T-shirt design made in 200(6?).

its hard to see your own design from a distance... just so you know.. the first thing i saw (apart from the subconscious vision of the design as a whole) ... was the word "MOTEL"

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