Rocking Chairs Rock!

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Rocking Chairs Rock! by vonbrandis on Threadless
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AKA: "This Chair Rocks" AKA "Rocking Chair" and just for the record - The deaf "I Love You" sign has the thumb extended, although "I Love Chairs That Rock" is not out of the question as a title.


Wow... that's the second rockin' rocking chair I've scored today.


while we go on the sign language thing, yes, adding a thumb to this handsign means I love you, but as it is, your chair is saying "bullshit" in sign language. just a lil fyi.


I know i've seen this exact shirt done better somewhere else on the net.

vonbrandis profile pic Artist

as lunchboxbrain pointed out, yes - there is a version of this on the net and i was not aware of that., but the icon works MUCH better than the word that spell the visual pun out. imho.

billpyle, i won't point any fingers if i were you - most of the designs i saw on your site seems way too familiar. especially that tape making a word that i've seen "done better somewhere else on the net".

  1. i dig it. it rocks.
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