Rock vs Hip-hop; Love vs Money

Design by ohmystarsNET

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What is it with these his and hers designs? How the hell do you know who is going to like what better, based on their gender? I'd probably wear the first design, but apparently it's not meant for me, so forget it.

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It's difficult to give o 1 score to 2 totally different designs, so I'm skipping this. But will add- good job making the illustrations retain the classic deck characteristics. Why not put both on one shirt?


I'd rather have them both on the same shirt.

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moocowmoo's onto something here.


I totally agree with the back/front idea. Or have them both printed for both genders. But I really like the concept.


I do agree about them looking very successfully like classic playing cards; that adds to the success of the first design, at least. The second design just bugs me a lot because the "war" of "love or money" isn't a concept that has any relevance me, and the artist is saying that it's for me.

Not crazy about the comment implying "bad" for feminism - design criticism is more to the point than telling other people what they ought to be thinking/feeling.

It's a valid design criticism when the shirt I would actually consider wearing has been designated, by the artist, as specifically not applicable to me. And I don't recall telling anyone what to think. As always it's purely an aesthetic issue. Designers who want to make money put their design up, whatever it may be; and potential buyers communicate why or why not they would spend their money on it. That is why we are here. No matter what the details, if I like it or don't, it is about the design, not trying to change people's minds.


i buy "guy" shirts on here all the time. if you like the guy design, buy the guy design. i think they're awesome and i agree that two on one shirt would be overkill. great idea. it made me smile! 5


i'm going to be another one of those people who says they don't appreciate the assumption that women are more interested in love vs. money than they are in rock and roll vs. hip hop.
...and i don't see how the two comparisons are even at all similar.

that aside, i like the artwork.


How about you leave the comment on society out and just stick to the cards? Most people can't really pull off the whole "hidden meaning" thing very well.


No see, the thing is, completely on the basis of looking at the designs, there's this feeling of being labeled: "This shirt about bimbos is for you. This one that you like and identify with is not." People like or don't like designs based on their feelings. Art is about emotion, not just... well, you know, not just smoking a pipe and going "hrrrm yes" like in Secrets of Mensa.

From a practical standpoint, too, I think the cards could be made gender-neutral rather easily.

I did change my score to 3. These are very well done. I collect tarot cards, and most of the oldest decks look like playing cards; that's where playing cards came from. And these are totally in line with the classic decks, but with some individual style too.


rock'n'roll should totally be on top.


i like the rock v. hip hop one
it'd have been better to just leave the other out of the picture


heh, i'm not as far gone as leenie

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