Rock, Paper, Scissors, etc.

Design by RaveDave

Rock, Paper, Scissors, etc. by RaveDave on Threadless
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I like the design, and the text is amusing, but it seems a bit long-winded for a t-shirt. I wouldn't want to stand around for 5 minutes while someone tried to read all the way through the text on my shirt.


like it, but i agree that the text would fit in much nicer on the back


It's brilliant, it's the kind of shirt you would read while bored in math class, but elsewhere you could explain with a few brief sentences.

Metal should beat scissors because scissors are made of metal. Bit of wordplay, hehe.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Good graphic, but it's not a great shirt- the text is unreadably small. Plus, I just don't find it attractive.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I actually kinda like this and I don't usually like these kinds of tees that you have to read. It'd probably make a much better poster, though.


aled profile pic Alumni

Spock finds Heavy Metal illogical - lol

Great idea, but not sold on the execution. Difficult to make this work on a tee. Would make a cool poster though.


heh the bottom one is the live long & prosper sign. thought it was "the shocker"


ROFL!!!!!! 5


This is what's wrong with Threadless lately. Great designs without a novel of text on them get voted poorly even though they are billiantly drawn and executed with a great idea to back them up. This "design" has none of those yet it's still getting only good comments. I'm normally not one to comment on designs, let alone give harsh comments (especially since I don't have any designs up myself), but come on people. Threadless is an art/design competition. Not an application to harvard, so why write an entire essay for a shirt. If I'm not mistaken, it was one of Sonmi's designs that got a 1.7 for being a little different, but it was still amazingly drawn. Other designers on here are getting severely underscored. If this gets better than theirs, voters don't know what the fuck they're talking about. Good luck on future designs, RaveDave.


love it! however the words kill it. maybe on the back?


If this t-shirt were worn by a cute girl, then I might use reading it as an excuse to look a little longer than would otherwise be considered polite. Other than that...Who in the world would take the time to read so much text? T-shirts are snapshots, glimpsed in passing, that generate a smile (hopefully). I like the idea, though, and it's clever and witty.

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