Rock and Roll will take you to the Mountain

Design by Yeaaa

Rock and Roll will take you to the Mountain by Yeaaa on Threadless
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This is so mystifying, captivating, and magical! I would want this if it were printed! I am only scoring 5 because it's the highest, but if I could score any higher, I would. I really appreciate a good artist when I see one! There are a ton of great graphic designers out there, but this looks like it came straight off the canvas! Well done! Can't wait to see more from you. Best design I've scored in a while.


I love the mixture of colors and how the keyboard is leading up to the mountain. This design really made me think and I really hope this gets printed. Best of luck!


HOLY COW THAT IS AMAZING!!! $5$5$5$5 (is it a skrillex reference?)

Yeaaa profile pic Artist

Thanks a lot!!! :)

Yeaaa profile pic Artist

Great score!, thanks a lot :)

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