Robots Rule the World

Design by okashichan

Robots Rule the World by okashichan on Threadless
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a goat with a hat

This is very cute, but way too much like Heart Destroy. Sorry.

Still cute though.

okashichan profile pic Artist

Oh wow, I'd never actually seen that 'heart destroy' shirt because it's been sold out and I usually only browse/shop available stuff. Similarities are purely coincidental I assure you. I just happened to really love cute and violent robots and it seems others do too!

okashichan profile pic Artist

Oh no problem at all! Now that I'm looking through the full catalogue there's a lot of cute robo-designs! Hopefully there's room for them all and if nothing else you pointed me to a cute shirt XD


I have just started giving every robot submission a 0.


I agree with THAW.


I'd like it more with out the scull and cross bones. That makes it look really cliche. But other than that it's cute.

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