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robots Love Sneakers by jstumpenhorst on Threadless
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jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

for whatever reason i just felt like the title fit even if my little character doesn't necessarily look like a robot per say. i am glad that you like it despite all of that!!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Sorry to say, but with the lil' white gadget and the love feelings rumbling out of it, it kinda looks like one of those hand-held pleasure seekers that i found in my mom's room when i was a kid. I'm gonna go dry heave now and scream into the toilet for a few hours after successfully burying that childhood trauma for so many years....


lol at friskenawesome but yeah the robot could look more robot-y or else people won't know what it is... the only reason i knew it was a robot was because of the title and no one seeing the shirt on a wearer will be able to read the title...

mezo profile pic Alumni

Dildo, robot, or not- I love it. The main character has this School House Rock drawn element to it him that is endearing. I do, however, wish the heart was nixed and something else was added to the space mainly because giant hearts on shirts remind me of shirts toddler girls wear.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Artist

okay, i get it about the robot, but i think mezo gets more of the point that it is just supposed to be a cute likable sort elementary looking character that got across a feeling of joy and happiness. i guess the title was a bad choice but hopefully it can be judged on it's visual appeal.


if it didnt look so much like a tampon I'd be really cute

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