Robots in Disguise

Design by cpdesign

Robots in Disguise


Luke... profile pic Alumni

awesome retro style to this!!! [looks like a 50's toybox]
beautiful artwork, love the repetitive globe within a globe.


Fantastic I wouldn't change a thing ... $5

Brown is best!

ryeofcali profile pic Alumni

great artistic sensibility, and color choice! 5


Colors and style are retro and rad!

the czar

Cool.. $5 on the denim


Totally incredible design. Great use of color. I don't know what it has to do with the contest theme at all, but I hope Threadless prints it no matter what. 5$

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration and colors.


You know what? I'm an idiot for saying I didn't see how it fit the contest. I didn't even notice his suit when I first saw it. So, like, double 5$ now or something.

death by crayon

I like the design, but I don't like how it's contained with a oval-y shape.

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Bloody great shit. 5

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Do you have an online portfolio dude?

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

LOVE your design, cpdesign!!! this is awesome and i bet this one will get printed!!! $$$$$$5, love it and keep it up!! cant wait to see more work from you!!

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Yeah, I have an online portfolio, but its kinda weak right now. I haven't updated it in like two years. It's pretty much all old college stuff, so it may not be impressive at all, but feel free to check it out I need to update it badly.

cpdesign profile pic Artist

Sorry ben strawn, I was worried if someone was going to have something similar, Thanks man!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

great stuff, love the colors and illo.


Great Work! Who'd you get to model the shirt? C'mon man!!


I like and colors...$


man is awesome! good design...i like the colors..


sweet on denim.
the colors on the design are pretty awesome as well.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Shit, that sure is nice. Interesting broder treatment, it doesn't seem like an afterthought like many borders tend to do.

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

Threadless had to print this piece. 5.

ysy101 profile pic Alumni

Hilarious, I wanna buy it!

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