Robot Rights

Design by againstbound

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againstbound profile pic Artist

The machines arent gonna take the abuse of us human scumbags anymore!!! Just wait a bit to see different colors

The names of the robots are Henry, Coppernicus, Emperor, Shaqbot, Pete, Watcher, Squidie, Soren, Pi, Mondrian, Poser, Vladimir, Robbie, Flail, Pete, The Bordeaux Twins, RSX, Nipple, 742617000027, Bjorn and Jupiter, can you guess which is which? (The Bordeaux Twins is a free one ;D )

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

all i see is the title "Cargando", is there something wrong or does this just take a very long time to load?


Pretty cool. Can't decide between the blue/red or the silver/red. 4.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

Amazing! I love the signs, especially "Machines against the rage"


On orange is beautiful!


I like the blue robots on gray. :)

courtney pie

is this a sign of things to come?! eep! 5!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Darn, all I can see are the words "cagando" too. This doesn't surprise me, since my computer sucks. Well, I'll have to view it on another computer because I'm really intrigued now!

the czar

Cool - I like the orange bots, think those signs are easiest to read, but not on green, maybe that combo on heather or charcoal.


I love the concept. Amazing job dude, keep working and hope it wins...




againstbound profile pic Artist

damn, seems people are having trouble with the flash thing =S, i hope it doesnt fuck up my score so much, should i resub with just 1 jpg?

clause profile pic Alumni

hey dude.. resub it man, i cant see too...

clause profile pic Alumni

hey no it's working, it's cool i like it

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

It took 2x refreshing until the flash pop out.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Ok, I can see it now.... cool robots! I'm liking the silver with red lettering on slate grey or cream.


I think the grey and red is most effective in bringing forth the robotic feel.


4$. Would be a 5$, but your binary codes are just random. I'd still buy it on grey.

againstbound profile pic Artist

if you have trouble seeing the design, check it with different color options here

damn, this does not bode well :/

againstbound profile pic Artist

ella-thanks, he's my favorite too =)

madiron-thanks a lot man!

everyone else- feel free to follow mad's advice ;D


"Machines Against the Rage" is great, along with the rest of the design. I agree that the binary should say something.

againstbound profile pic Artist

shit, i bet the flash issues fucked up my score =(, expect a jpg resub if threadless approves

The Cupboard

So, did this get printed..?? I want one..!!

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