robot purgatory

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RazCity profile pic Artist

Could be printed on any color shirt preferably dark. the yellow green colors would be glow in the dark ink. I love robots and zombies but in this instance I chose a dead robot who's stuck between robot heaven and robot hell.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

lulz at balloon for head replacement.

RazCity profile pic Artist

A lot of times when I do an illustration I already have this story in my head. You see this was a very bad robot and one of these people who he was bad to decided to play a trick on this robot. He was given his head as a balloon which fell to the ground and was destroyed thus rendering him inoperable (which is robot speak for dead) feeling bad about what he did he replaced his head with a balloon to ease his conscious.

Don't think this back story is necessary to enjoy the image but a fun bit of information though. so now he's stuck between heaven (clouds and rainbow) and hell (the the digital/pixeled flames below)

Though I really love the expression on his balloon face.


i like it on bright colour background..well done!!!

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