Robot No. 3 and Me...

Design by polynothing

Robot No. 3 and Me... by polynothing on Threadless
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polynothing profile pic Artist

I've been itching to do a robot design... I know there are tons of amazing robot tees out there, so I hope I've managed to do the subject justice! Comments are most welcome as well!

ladrones profile pic Alumni

GREAT robot design, im not nuts about the subject matter but this still a 5 because of pure talent and great colors

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Great style! Very cute and I like your use of shadows.



Very I, Robot... the book not the movie.

The Jolly Brewer

Yeah Robbie.... love it though. Good work.


awww, gimmie gimmie....I love this! $5


This is very well done! Love IT!!


It feels like a mix of Iron Giant and Men in Black, when teenage K is handing the tall aliens the bouquet of flowers. I can't remember if that's in one of the movies or just in the cartoon series, though.

The Jolly Brewer

Robbie was the a robot in I robot(I think). It's not a criticism in any way at all.

polynothing profile pic Artist

Mrs. Johnmurphy: I'd totally hope if this got picked, they'd do a kid size shirt! That'd rock socks indeedly!

The Morningstar: Good point... If it got chosen, I'd probably let threadless choose whatever placement best fit the shirt.

The Jolly Brewer: Cool Beans! Thanks for clearing that up!

Thanks for all the feedback you guys... It's great to hear! After all, you guys are the reason these things get printed!


One of may reason this shirt rocks is that it doesn't look like the usual Care Bears on acid that clutters most of threadless. Plus Robots are hawt. Especially 1950's style robots.

emeryg profile pic Alumni

Nice Sub & lighting well done!

polynothing profile pic Artist

Thanks guys! I looked at the arm, and realized you're totally correct... So, if this got picked, I'd send this fixed image to threadless:

the czar

Fuckin' wild! 5$

polynothing profile pic Artist

If it looks like Iron Giant, that was unintentional... I do love iron giant, and looking at it I think subliminally I might have used a similar template... I hope it's not too similar though.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Love it 5$


The arm fix is a good one. And I don't think it's too Iron Giant.

Fish Pie

sweet... cool robot

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

awesome robot dude! a 5 and a buy!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

that's just beautiful! 5$


the colors are really well done. I think it's a sweet shirt. print it!


This is a great score! Good job! :)

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