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Robo & Juliet

Design by Penguinx

Robo & Juliet by Penguinx on Threadless
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i love the colours.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

your color use is always amazing, not really my favorite subject matter, but I wont let that bias influence the score

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Still think her leg/butt/back area looks weird, but great illustration nonetheless.

Edword profile pic Alumni

drippy robot love. nice!

aled profile pic Alumni

You have a fantastic command of colour and light. IMO, this design is far more suitable for Threadless than your previous two. It's nice to see the bar raised now and again!

aled profile pic Alumni

PS: I'm not convinced by her hand! It's bugging me. I'm still giving you a 4 though

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah the leg looks a little stumpy but other than that its superb


fantastic shading and use of colors... incredible.. unique style
but i wouldnt buy this for sure... 3$

cpdesign profile pic Alumni

Your content is bizarre, but I love the style. Preciate you posting that video of your technique. Very interesting.




I really like the robot but I agree with Bramish:

Still think her leg/butt/back area looks weird, but great illustration nonetheless.


they are on the edge of a meltdown

ISABOA profile pic Alumni



huge talent but looks weird on the shirt. maybe increase the size?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The drip looks like strawberry jam. Yum!

Nice job once again.

dacat profile pic Alumni

My god, you've got skills. Website is awesome too...can't wait to see more submissions from you! $5



bananaphone profile pic Alumni

your technique is amazing but your composition and content needs to be worked on a little. As soon as you can nail down a good concept that is well composed you'll probably be printed (if not sooner, it hasn't stopped others afterall)


Brilliant to see another sub from you - I really ADORE your art style, you have such a great sense of colour and light, it all looks so alive (whether it's a mutilated art deco corpse, a cold robot, or a dead human chick :p).

Here's hoping you get printed soon!

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

i love it, just get rid of that bubble thought with that broken heart, it kills the whole thing, and make it bigger to emphasize the details, cuz you really have nice technique and you should really show them what you've got , keep it coming, I would deffenitely buy one of your design if it goes to print =)

She Says So


although the heart thing doesnt really add anything.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Awww...your tamest work yet for the Threadless crowd! It's funny that this would be extreme for 75 percent of the Theadless submitters....great stuff as usual (usual being the last week where you instantly became an artist i watch out for while voting). Keep it up up UP!


VERY cool!

Ava Adore

mmmm very damn awesome illus, but not for a tee. this would be most awesome on the wall in a massive print. as banaphone said, you just need that one perfect idea :)


i love it, but it needs work. the girl looks like she's fading in/out of the robot's body (not a seperate entity), the shading for the other half of the robot's body is a little haphazard, her lines (mostly her bum) are sort've wiggly. i also think letting us see a little more of the girl (she's mostly arms and a butt, i jsut think that there could be more of her showing from behind the robot) would make the image pop a little more. i love the idea and the style, tho. love.

dacat profile pic Alumni

As Bananaphone said, if you collab with a threadless veteran like "fatheed" on a'd win right away. Though I can see the desire to win on your own too.


I love the idea, but the pink juice turns me off...

Matt of 7and34

Another winner in my book. My favorite so far.


Fantastic Tee!!!

herky profile pic Alumni

great illustration, the shading and detail of the robot is excellent.

Jebs profile pic Alumni

clearly your best design in Threadless...5$ but i still say that with a better concept, with your amazing skills, you will get a fabulous final score somthing like3.5 or even 4...i predict that it will happen soon ;-)

wotto profile pic Alumni

is it me or does the robots arm seem a bit short??? great style.

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