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hey ! thanx for your comments. i decided to give the monster kinda look that i have never seen before on a "monster". so i wanted to avoid that it looks cute or to give the impression that it looks like hey thats "bigfoot" or "godzilla" or stuff. but the funny idea tho is that EVERYTHING in the picture would change in the next second - when the monster steps on the squeaky duck.


i like the idea. and i like the color scheme a whole lot. but i agree that the monster looks kinda off.


on first glance i thought the monster was pushing on the headboard...

fix that somehow? then 5, i love the idea and the illustration.

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@moonshine : the main main main idea of this was supposed to be under the name of ROOM NOISES and therefore had to put in there something which would make a sound. and so it turned out that way and i did not want to push it for the competition. maybe the monster could look different. maybe the monster could look like every monster. but that´s MY version of a monster, hope that´s acceptable ;)


My nightmare when i was that baby age. Very very very very tragic nostalgic dramatic momentic I loveic $5 for that nice illustratic its so damn loonatic..hichichichic...

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heya ! there is an eye in the monsters face. if you look closely - just upon the teeth.

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@prettiredbraclet :) haha that´s funny - because when i drew it i had to notice that i just drew the eye. typical monsters suck big time !!!


i love it but wuts with the chick? :\

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