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Most definitely needs color, and lots of it...In order to convey funkiness.

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So threadless kinda crapped out on me and didn't let me put an about my design thing... well, here it goes:

My design was taken from an old drawing I had done probably two years ago and tediously hand copied in illustrator. I did think of making it more than one colour but I felt that it was more visually appealing as is. It doesn't really have any particular meaning to it (well, from what I can remember at least), if anything it conveys what happens when boredom approaches. If you tilt your head to the right you could notice that the thick lines are actually the neck and colour bone and surrounding muscles of the human body, although out of proportion by a bit.

That was way too long, sorry. Anyways, if threadless feels like printing this I think it might look nice with a red foil for the drop of blood coming off the finger in the black ink version, or a plum coloured foil for the plum ink version.

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CoryAngen on Aug 01 '08
As I understand where you're coming from with the black and white version, some bright pastel colors might really bring this out more. I love it either way. I'm quite jealous of people that can draw really weird stuff really well.


If you ever want to learn how to draw the human body really well, check out an old version of the medical text Gray's Anatomy. Everything I learned about drawing the human body came from that book and figure drawing in person (I'm actually more of a fine art person, this I just do to push myself).


I'd take the plum(or another) color and stick it on the white--B/W can get pretty old...

and definitely agree on the anatomy book for drawing humans.

This is really good--brings lots of random video games to mind and adds some strange art film elements to sort of match my mind when it is off tangenting uncensored.

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I'd take the plum(or another) color and stick it on the white--B/W can get pretty old...

Good idea. Most people have some sort of underlying hate for white shirts on here, I don't know why. But because of that now I have like 4 natural coloured shirts myself, and only one white.


Reminds me of Little Shop of Horrors

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I like it how it is. HINTS of color might look great, but I seriously love the black and white apeal of this.


love the design. black and white. 5.

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Keldroch on Aug 05 '08
I like the color you had on the sample.
More stuff like this would not be underapprceciated.


By sample, are you referring to the link I posted to the big version? Because that's just black and white. As for the underappreciated, I do a lot of work like this, that usually ends up scoring so low that it only runs for a day or two. Then again, I haven't submitted on here in a very long time, and since my last submission I have gotten a lot better at digital art programs (I'm an ink gal myself) so therefore my execution has improved. I guess this is a bit of a fluke for me, but I am quite curious to see how this scores when it's done.


well...the details...

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