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Ride the Lightning

Design by MaxPf

Ride the Lightning by MaxPf on Threadless
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I wonder if this was zeuz's horse...great job!!! Would you do me a favor and tell me what you think about a design I've submitted for a critique, just go to my profile and click on my critiques and you'll see it...appreciated. And once again...good job my friend!!!


It's hard to tire of Unicorn designs - 3 -

ndikol profile pic Alumni

cute :D


I don't like the horn part. The perspective is off. Otherwise nice and clean. Well done.


Thanks for checking out my critique man!!! Anyways I really hope this gets printed my friend!!! And I'm going to ask you another favor, would you mind checking out my first submission (which is obviously the one you critiqued) and tell me if you can see it, because when I click on it only the three lines at the bottom are visible...don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that it is still getting approved. Thanks, and I'm going to try to show this design to people so they help you with your score.

Pakpandir profile pic Alumni

Nah this is not's zeus' horse. This is Thor's mighty steed! i dig this alot.

Ricki Jane

I really like the style and colours! Good job!

Ian-S profile pic Alumni

Great perspective. Very cool!


Nice - needs a bit more stuff goin on tho


Sorry if this bothers you, but would you mind checking out my new critique (it's actually the same one, but this one shows the placement), sadly I had to delete my last critique since I finally came up with a good title and it didn't let me change it. Thanks!!!


for all ya unicorn lovers this is awsome!


I like the design, make it bigger and you're good to go, 5 :)

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