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Ride Roosterman Ride!

Design by Mat Pringle

Ride Roosterman Ride! by Mat Pringle on Threadless
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  • 2.04 Avg Score
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Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist
'Roosterman riding on his motorcycle in his briefs represents all your dreams and ideals. RIDE ROOSTERMAN RIDE! Be free like Roosterman, strip down to your briefs and go ride your motorcyle.' Printed either on turquoise, maize or ocean blue.
macdoodle profile pic Alumni
Never Forget Chicken Man :)
Mr Vela
eheheh really funny!
moulin bleu
moulin bleu profile pic Alumni
As I looked at this illustration and pondered "who could possibly be the author of such righteous madness" I was relieved, when I scrolled down, to find out it was none other than Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle
Mat Pringle profile pic Artist
Ha ha - 'righteous madness' - I like that! Shame not too many others do but I'll just keep on keeping on! Thanks all for the nice words!
FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
I believe in Roosterman. The dreamy, exhaust and cloudy day merging as one is a really cool effect, love it as always!
Great looking design!! Beautiful work! I can't believe how much I like a Rooster man in his briefs. Weird.
Ink One
Lol this is insane... Very cool! 5$
woah, where I grew up, there was a a guy called Chicken Man, but he was nowhere near this cool
ISABOA profile pic Alumni
oh man this is great! I missed out on the awesome
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