ride me like a pig

Design by playdotexe

ride me like a pig by playdotexe on Threadless
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this looks awesome, i really hope this one gets printed!!


It's strange but I like it.


oh come on, i just think the pig and turtle are really cute

Hi my name is

The problem that I have with this design is anyone with ms paint could do this. this shirt is lacking any "PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN". This website is stock full of great designers like: Glennz, d3d, roadkill3d, fatheed, frankz and many others. When I compare this stuff to them all I can do is wonder why you would think this should get a 5. I'm sorry to be so blunt but this website is based on competition.


I don't get it.
Cute. Too fakey, need artisticness.


agree with gtoast99. Threadless IS based on competition.. but not of artistic talent. just who can design a tshirt that people love and will buy, MS paint or otherwise.


It's cute, but the title confuses me and also it sounds a little dirty =o

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