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gasgas profile pic Artist

Always believe in your dreams!
( This one is the right one, hope you'll publish this ^_^)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I really don't care about being rich or famous, just have enough money to enjoy life and do creative things. fuck being famous. Other than a message i would never wear, I dig the 70's-ish drawing you have going on here.


This is nice. I'd be tempted to lose the guy and just have the text and decoration, but it's fine as it is, really.



the type and surrounding embellishments look really good. Has the friendly sort of feel that i like in T-Shirts. I would wear this. might like it more with out the guy.

gasgas profile pic Artist

I don't know, i thought it would have been too normal without the guy, his face seems like he wants to get rich and famous but doin absolutely nothing! :) Thanks for your comments anyway!


I think this is the only sub where I've seen "lose the illustration."

Great job, and good luck!

gasgas profile pic Artist

That's true! ^o^ At least I'm the first in something!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Awesome font work!


i really like the style, what i don't the message...

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I'm going to say lose the guy also. I like the idea of the guy, but his style doesn't live up to the standard set by your type work. The pants on that guy are kind of distracting for some reason (I think the outlining gets too thin, maybe?).


i really love this style and the sentiment because at some point in our lives we all dream about this (or did) and i think you captured that rather well

gasgas profile pic Artist

Finally someone who loves him! He was getting so sad and frustrated! :)


This is not normally my style but I actually like it a lot because of the character you added. Very Bealtlesk.

"his face seems like he wants to get rich and famous but doin absolutely nothing!" - that's exactly what I was thinking, I didn't realise so many people take it seriously and wanting to be rich and famous...?! I think it's making fun of it.


ups, I meant Beatlesk (you know Beatles style)


ya loose the guy and u get a 5

sonmi profile pic Alumni


gasgas profile pic Artist

you found out that the guy is so meaningful!! Thank you! :)


I don't know why I like this but I DO! It's like Schoolhouse Rock or the Tootsie pop commercial or something. It's probably just nostalgia from watching goofy cartoons as a kid but I'm giving it a $5.

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