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revolutionary design by travis76 on Threadless
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Hell yeah!

I think the icons are self-explanatory so you can lose the text which would clean the design up. In any case 5 &$. Dark green rocks it for me.


Yep, a great shirt, but I agree that the icons are self explanatory. Lose the text under each and I think we have a winner.

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

This is a winner, mucho like-o 5+$


This is amazing! I hope you win (and you probably will!)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

!! Placement NEEDS to be in the center chest.

umm no, these kind of notes on other products are never centered. So the current positioning is smart.


flag of protest...sweet, just sweet


like this ~! intresting ~!


Love the design! Would totally buy if centered. Otherwise, no one will see it when wearing with a jacket.


Damn ol Dippity Man... That's the Cat's Meow.
Centered. With Text. and maybe a band aid for a bonus buying feature!


i know votings over and all, but i wanted to say that i really love this, along with your other designs.i've seen a handful of comments saying to center the graphic, but i disagree. and some suggestions to get rid of the text, which i also disagree with. but i might move it up the shirt some, because otherwise, curious strangers may appear to be staring at our crotches, rather than our shirts.

ronlewis profile pic Alumni

print this please

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