Revenge Take Two

Design by cearanissa

Revenge Take Two by cearanissa on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

Is that a deer driving a car or a wad of phlem? If it's a car, it needs cleaning up. Also, ditch the hat and add more to the hunter's body. Good colors on the purple shirt.


I just love this because I think hunting for sport is cruel, lol. That, and its a good drawing, too.

cearanissa profile pic Artist

Well i kinda had mud splatter as apposed to blood, mainly cos of 5 colour rule. I have seen a recent submission featuring a deer and a hunter but i submitted this idea before it was up for voting so unintentional.

cearanissa profile pic Artist

I seem to have noticed quite a few deer hunting ideas at the mo...musta all got inspired at the same time lol


My neighbor once shot at a deer, scared it, when it ran it jumped off an embankment and landed with all four feet. On the top of his car, which was parked below. Without the foot I'd buy it.

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