Revenge of the BearShark

Design by GyleDesigns

Revenge of the BearShark by GyleDesigns on Threadless
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This is my submission for andyg's "Art Direct Each Other" Contest.

A HUGE thank you to I'vejustquitsmoking for being my art director on this one.

And a special thanks to my old roomates, Dave Cox, Alex Laird, and Mark Taylor for helping me come up with the Bear Shark.



This is destined to be the greatest shirt in all of human history.



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gotta print $5!

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Great job!


badass! $5

2 designs submitted - Score now!

If this is how the world is destined to end, I might start figuring out ways to piss off the space gods for the apocalypse to rocket here quicker. Amazing renderings of the characters, even more impressive hurtling space effects.


NICE! Good spirit in the creatures..color use really stands out. Looks like a PIXAR ad for a feature film. $5..!

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Heeeeeeey! I'll take that compliment!

Actually doing film graphics in Pixar style for my Senior Thesis, so I find that quite encouraging.

What is NOT encouraging is this score. But eh, oh well. Had fun making it :) And now I have something to show Pixar when I apply n___n

Thanks for the great feedback, friends!

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