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address unknown, no such number - no such zone


I love that song! and the shirt.

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for those who cannot read the above post - you are not alone

This sub is kinda iffy - I don't think it will do well but I had to sub it because I think it would be a pretty cool shirt in the real world

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yeah - I didn't want it pointing to the belly, armpit or crotch so I had to settle on BOOB -


I actually don't mind it pointing. People look at boobs anyway. I just need to know if you're allowed to wear pants with it? I noticed the model wasn't allowed.

It's a really cool and unique design though.


That's amazing.
Besides the whole finger-pointing-at-boob issue.
If you could find another possible place to put it
I'd totally wear this shirt.


I like the idea...
but for those of us without perfectly flat stomachs,
it'd look funky.

I wouldn't mind seeing it without the envelope lines (people would still get the idea, I think).

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I think in the real world with the way the lines go it would be complimentary to bellies AND boobs.


i like the lines. it makes me wish that were normal to stamp the back of the envelope so the details could all be on one side

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thanks FM - the one on the top right in the back of the shirt

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in = is - right


would it look too strange if the front and back were reversed? just trying to solve the finger pointing thing! but, great idea!


Shouldn't the back of the envelope be on the back of the shirt? I agree it needs an address.

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yeah - great feedback - Thnaks

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BTW - renfrue gets the credit for the pointing stamp and several others advised the postage stamp on the back


it's so cute. i'd love to have it


I love the idea but the black lines are just too heavy. Maybe make them a light grey or tan color instead.


original idea.. i think somebody else said it before, but i would think about putting the stamp in front and the lines in the back.. would prefer it that way i think

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It's probably been said several times now, but i adore what you have done by turning me into a dejected postage letter! I tend to agree with the others about putting the stamp on the front (maybe with a nice cursive writing to some english ambassador as the address), and then the return to send on the back with the envelope creases. Any way this is printed, i'd buy it though. I'm sure this original and awesome idea will not get the score it deserves, but say la vee! 4$


i really like your style with the stamp, although im not sure if i am sold on the envelope part- the ilnes are too solid./
hehe there should be a stamp on the back


I think this is a great idea, but agree with previous comments that it needs a little improvement. I like it a ton so please re-submit!

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yeah - it looks stark on the design - but I think in reality the bold lines will work better than black and gray or a thinner line (thin would get lost)
- I dunno .... My point was not to make the envelope realistic but to have all the stuff there to make the visual connection.


I think it should be reversed aswell. Because the folds are on the back of the envelope. I do like the concept though. A lot.

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icebar on Apr 24 '07
it might score pretty well!



i think its sort of a good idea, but the black lines are very dark, and don't match the labels on the shirt.

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i didn put effort into matching the line on purpose - Otherwise there would have been a need for tin, flagel and a 1" J bar


looks cool with the stamps...just the right necessary addition..



This shirt is freaking awesome!

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well that's a really surprising score -

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high - i thought this was gonna get dropped

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

yeah good job on that score

ISABOA profile pic Artist

wullagaru on Apr 27 '07
yeah good job on that score

I would like to take credit for it but i don't even get it - this beat my hey you guys and ninja and all my other designs excluding robot and hunter -

here is me with no clue stumbling around on this site

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