Rethought Police

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Rethought Police by epocalypse on Threadless
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mezo profile pic Alumni

There are those weirdo symbols again (the questionmark flower thing). Why do you keep using that? It's not very good design. You seem to insist on tossing together images and symbols that don't work together. I'd advise you to post your arts in the blogs BEFORE you sub them so you can get feedback without a hurting low score. I'd also advise you to look at design and illustrative layouts. Look at interesting shirt sites (like Look at high scoring shirts from here. Look at sucessful designs then look at poor designs and decide what it is that makes one work and one fail. Learn from that and keep practicing!

mezo profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry, but "your friends" are biased. You should take the time to listen to what your "unfriends" say about your designs submitted here. Not only that, but Deviantart, while there are some great sucessful artists there, is also a site where ANY numbnut can submit something and call it "art". Kind of like this site. Which is why I suggest looking at OTHER shirt sites to see what shirt designs work.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh, I get called a troll by someone who is a "Remember, Be Nice" enforcer. The irony is delicious! It's not exactly about being nice or bitchy, snarky, it's about being HONEST. You can interpret my typed words in whatever way you want. I don't think I'm being bitchy, I don't think epocalypse thinks that either....he seems pretty reasonable with taking critiques as for what they are: OPINIONS. Plus, it's not as if I am saying "this shit sucks" or "go away". THAT would be bitchy.

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