Retarded Deer

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Retarded Deer by Recycledwax on Threadless
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can i ask a question? is it ok in the US to use the phrase 'retarded'? I just see it a lot, and it's incredibly offensive in ireland, and europe in general.... Well drawn, but not to my style.

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

its generally offensive but people here use it anyway

as for the design .. really nice stuff here


Noice; 5 and a laugh.


hehe, a cute deer :) $5

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

For once I actually like the text. But I am partial to the phrase "meh". It's so versatile.


melh696 profile pic Alumni

nice illustration!
(and M.E.H. are my initials.)

Recycledwax profile pic Artist

the name can be changed


I like the design, I don't really know if the name is that PC though.

oh well, i want to hug him.


hee hee - he's cute! 4


i love the deer and the "meh" but not too keen on the name either..


I'm offended by that title. My friend/cousin/neighbor/etc is a retarded deer. =)

But seriously, political correctness is what's retarded. If the title had been "stupid deer" no one would complain, despite the fact that it's a synonym. I think some people just enjoy being offended all the time. Luckily, political correctness seems to have faded away a bit in the past few years (except for politicians, not surprisingly.) Keep the title!


btw I don't really think the title's anything special; I just felt like ranting about political correctness :)


stupidity is not the same as retardation. a retarded person has to deal with a lack of capacity to gain intelligence, while a stupid person could have everything physiologically in their favor but remain stupid. do you see how that can be incredibly insulting?
anyways, design is bueno.

ndstillie profile pic Alumni

the title should go. i find it vaguely offensive, in the same way i dont like it when people call something "gay". Its just dumb and lazy

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

this is so good. haha, I love it.

anyone bitching about the title needs to shut up cause they sound like whiney little retards

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

the designer is canadian, not american, so he can use any word he wants to describe a deer with a low mental capacity.
keep up this style and one of them will hit home 5$

herky profile pic Alumni

great job, love the colors and the blend of styles work nicely together (vector and the distressed parts of the background).


I don't understand what's so amusing about a deer with down's syndrome?


Maybe add some headlights?


yo dumbfecks

just because you don't think the gay and retarded kids care when you use words that describe what they ARE to mean something STUPID doesn't mean that you should elevate them from DUMB SHITE YOU SAY to STUFF COMMERCIALLY PRINTED.



however the MEH!? and the deer's expression is genius


Great illustration & textures!

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

amazing 5$

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