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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

agree with xiv but nicely done

staffell profile pic Alumni

I like the idea a lot bort, but I think it could be improved on. Perhaps the buttons could be labelled differently other than just using television controls.

5 for now, no buy.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I agree with staffell.
But do much enjoy the off centering design.


tesco profile pic Alumni

yeah, placement is key with this. I thinks it perfect on the shoulder like that, or maybe horizontaly centered

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

Centered would be cooler I think. And you could have 'punned' this a bit more with humanoid functions I think. But it looks nice!

mikemills profile pic Alumni

5$ as is, Bort - love it.


i'd buy it but i'd be worried of losing it every 5 minutes

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I appreciate the idea, and the simplicity. And the placement is perfect. However,it looks kind of... dull... as a t-shirt. Sorry.


probably centered would be best


i like it where it is
i think centered would look funny

Big Ed

It's a nicely done design but I can't see walking around with a TV remote on my shirt.


PhloxParadox totally said what I was going to say. If you labeled it with things like eat, sleep, work, play, etc it would be really cool and would have some originality. The placement is perfect the way that it is maybe with a slight angle...but most of these comments are dead on just funk it up a bit and make the buttons more people-centric as opposed to TV-centric. It would totally be a buy.


I like the simplicity and placement. Glow in the dark ink for the white buttons or even puffy ink overall would make this an absolute buy. Nice job trying something new. :) 5$

Luke... profile pic Alumni

simple minimalistic design, great color scheme, and very nice placement...i would deffinately sport this...a bit more high-brow than the standard fare...

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

centred would suck, when was the last time you ever held a remote control directly infront of the center point of your body.


Change it to a Nintendo Revolution controller and you get a 5. XD


this is crap

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