RememberAnalog? established 1887

Design by LYMAC_77

RememberAnalog? established 1887 by LYMAC_77 on Threadless
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great shirt, lose the logo


IF the watermark is NOT going to be printed why did you put it up there. This is not the website for Free advertisment. That would be Geocities.

Anyway, its a good concept, even though someone might misunderstand the turntable for a computer harddrive, which would be the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve with your drawing. The head is very large, very cro magnum, I know why it is large, but still, it is very awkward. 2


I would give you a 4, but I'm giving you a 5 to hopefully even out the bitching over your harmless watermark...


As a dj "Ease up on the turntable graphics"


Skulls skulls skulls, although, I have to say yours is the best one i've seen today

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