Remember The time We...(LAST revision)

Design by mezo

Remember The time We...(LAST revision) by mezo on Threadless
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dolly Moglandor, genius! i agree, although i really prefer this one to your last attempt. and it looks so much better on green. i will give you two thumbs up and i even want to compliment you on the hearts, the girl could really be in love, but the bloke could just be having dirty toilet sex?

mezo profile pic Artist

DANGIT! Can't win! Hahah...

I put the hearts there as a way to balance the image: pink shoes on bottom / pink hearts on top. But you guys are right about it being redundant. However, the hearts could be meaning they LOVE dirty toilet sex? SIGH.

I dunno.


the hearts are good, at first i just thought someone was trying on shoes in there. but, maybe i'm just dumb...


Sign and Hearts make it too obvious. Subtlety would work so much better here.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

ditch the out of order and the hearts. or else its another emo-hearty-hearty thing.

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