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rofl, like it :D


I agree with amoania. What if it had a mock design on it? Like coca cola but spell it wrong, or something lame like that. Then it would be more visually interesting, but the joke would still be the post-it.

on second thought, it could be a well known and well liked threadless design. you'd have to get permission from the original designer. anyway....


I love the graphic visual wit of this shirt, so beautifuly simple. Oh I'd wear this! - Yep! I'll take one please. A Big 5

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I SWEAR i've seen this or a concept lilke this at lest five times before on this site...or was it just a post-it note tee?


I' like it


I agree with linkoftime, it would look better to maybe put some stains or something on it... It's just quite dull.

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